The NO DRAMA BAND is back in the Bay
and Rockin' California like never before.
Put on your dancin' shoes people,
it's time to get your Party on....
Steve Cameron:
Sal Molinare:
Sam Tucker:
As the founding member of the No
Drama Band, I have had many different
line ups, but this is by far the most
talented and longest lasting group of
musicians yet.
Lead Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Our search for  a really great drummer kept
coming up dry. One day Steve stumbled
upon our website and offered us his services.
It was like winning the lottery.
Sam is an amazing musician. He plays
Bass, Keyboards and always finds the
right vocal harmony to compliment every
About The Band
The No Drama Band

"Music is a conveyance of emotion from one soul to another.
We must be artists first, musicians second.”

-Sal Molinare
Gage Courtois:
"Mr. Goodtime" himself.  Always the
entertainer, you simply can't walk away
with this guy on the mic.